Are you The One?

There has been so much chatter going on lately about loves, twin flames, karma partners, soul mates. It has my head spinning. I figure it must be the strong Leo energy forcefully penetrating through out the atmosphere. I am however enjoying all this talk about love during the infamous month of the Lion who loves to be loved and adored. Which brings me to a topic that has created some confusion even within my head. There is this old outdated phrase, “The One,” you know like “The Ultimate Love,” “The One and Only.” Well, the phrase has been following me around lately, everywhere I turn it’s right there, smack in my face. So, I can only suspect that The Divine is nudging me and asking me to say what’s on my mind. This phrase is a phrase that I have a hard time believing in. What mystifies me is that people want and NEED to believe that there is this ONE ultimate love out there for them. This takes me back to when I was a young child and those fairy tales that included a prince and princess and how that prince would always come dashing to the rescue to save the princess and give her a life she always dreamed of. As a mature young adult, I can’t help thinking of how those fairy tales couldn’t be further from the truth in real life. I mean I’ve been through some situations in life where I could have used a prince or just another human being to help me out of a jam, but no one was there to lend a hand. Countless times I fell hard, REALLY hard. And you know what, as I look back and reflect on the hard times, I realize I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Because what those fairy tales failed to disclose was that by waiting for someone to come to your rescue, you miss out on the biggest lesson of all, love. Yes, love. Loving yourself enough to be your savior.

This world has many lessons to teach you, including the most controversial one of all, Love. Love is the answer to all the heartache, negativity, desperation, corruption, and adversity going on in this world. If you ever get to experience the purest unconditional love, you will realize “The One” is the biggest cliche out there. We, humans, were meant to love, just like when we were babies and experienced love for everything we came into contact with. The pureness that lies within a child’s heart who just wants to be loved is what lies deep within our souls as well. So how is it possible to just love one forever? I say it’s unrealistic. You have many lovers from the past, present, and future. All of these loves have been or will be interjected into your life for different reasons and different lessons to guide you throughout your journey. To love deeply is to love all beings. And for me, I want to love deeply and share it with the world. Share love spread love, but also experience life through love. For me, I see sharing my life with as many people as possible not just one. I don’t want to hoard all my love for simply one person; I want many to experience my love, that special gift God gave me. I would rather live for many experiences with other human beings, nature, even animals than spending an entire life dedicated to one. I picture myself as this magnet of love wanting to travel the world and attract people who love deeply or want to spread love like me and just forget about “The One” and focus on giving love instead.

Yes, I realize my ideas of love might be far out there, and most people will think I’m insane. And that is totally ok, people generally discredit what they can’t understand, but I have hope. Maybe it is I who can open up your mind one day and change your perspective. If my words today allowed you to view love just a little differently than I accomplished my goal. Soon you will know this reality is not what it seems to be, but therein lies the beauty. You have the power to write and re-write your story and cast any hero you see fit. But, if I could suggest any hero I say choose YOU because to get anywhere in life it all starts with loving you first. You cannot give to others what you do not have within. So, my dear friend, become that hero who, in the end, saves themselves with the most powerful gift of all.

“As you awaken, you will come to understand that the journey to love isn’t about finding the one, the journey is about becoming the one.”

– Creig Crippen
The Age of Enlightenment

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