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5D or the Fifth Dimension is a mystical plane that transcends the boundaries of our physical reality. It is thought to offer a portal to alternate realities & dimensions. Extraordinary experiences & possibilities await those who dare to explore its mysteries.

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Spiritual “Awakening” is the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness.

Spontaneous or normally in stages, the process often includes: sensing a direct connection to the universe or the “divine”, a feeling of deep inner knowing, remembering one’s true nature, inner peace, vitality, gratitude & abundant, unconditional love. The process often begins when a person asks themself, Who am I? or Why am I here?


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In many spiritual traditions, Enlightenment is considered to be the pinnacle of human existence. Bliss, peace, happiness and fulfillment are attributes of the being who lives in awareness and truth in the present moment. A state of giving & unique contribution comes from connecting to the true spiritual nature within. Many believe that the natural state of the human being is enlightenment.
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A Chakra, or Chakras, are energy “wheels” that are part of our human being. Existing at the meeting point of the physical & metaphysical aspects of our being, Chakras are located at vital energy centers within & around the body.

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Sacred Geometry can be described as the blueprint of creation and the origin of all form. There are deeper, symbolic & spiritual meanings within certain geometric shapes and proportions that can be found in the natural world of plants, animals & even our bodies. It is often associated with a belief in a divine creator and can help us make sense of our universe & the natural laws that govern it. 

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