There are many light workers, light walkers, star seeds, crystal kids, indigo children and spiritual explorers of all types rising up to hear their call on this planet right now. Our mission is to continue to unite, to contribute and to liberate as many seekers as we can in fun and fresh new ways.  While shining a light to those who remain in total darkness as a positive presence with open arms for all, no matter where you are on your own personal journey.

We are ENLTN.

Enlightening ourselves from within, and sharing the radiance and brilliance as clearly, brightly and frequently as we can. Our way is Love. Peace. Unity. Truth. Beauty. Compassion. Generosity. Abundance. Health.

This humble site is our first beginning in the public domain, after much planning and discussion. If you are a seeker, a creator, a mystic or just now having that invisible switch inside of you turned on that there is more to this existence than previously thought… We invite you to join us on the journey. Get in touch. Say hello. Partner. Join in however fits your soul. Contribute your life skills or experiences, or become something new, right here, right now.

We are here to help each and every longing soul connect to their own inner light. To embrace the divine spark within yourself. You are the only one that knows your unique path.

We offer insights, revelations, awakenings, ideas, philosophies, coaching, classes, a “Red-Pill Reading List”,  journals from the battlefield of spiritual exploration, and much more, all with the firm realization that the more we know, the more we know how much we do not know.

Open minds and Open Hearts wanted.

Join us on a soul-changing journey if you dare…

It is your choice, the Blue Pill takes you back to your “normal” life…

or the RED PILL begins a journey that will change everything.

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