A Hug for the Devil – Part 2



A  Hug for the Devil – Part 2
After meeting Satan, facing a fear and responding in love. I discussed the experience with a wise friend of mine who gave me more insights. In psychology an experience like this is called “Integrating the shadow” and the shadow energy.
This is not necessarily a one time event. It is a lifetime of work and delving deeper and deeper and meeting more and more of your shadow. As one evolves, so does the shadow. The more of it we integrate the better it is for our personal evolution and for raising the frequency of everyone.
Even God (and the Gods) have a shadow. The book of Job tells the story of God and his shadow (Satan) having a discussion.
A lot of strictly “new age” religions or mindsets can often ignore or shun the shadow, focusing exclusively on the light and love. The shadow grows very strong when it is cast out into the darkness… and it will strike out (when least expected) in order to be seen and recognized .
The shadow, like all parts of the psyche, are ever changing and growing.
Embracing the shadow, is a key to psychological growth and evolution, as is the awareness that the shadow continues on even after each time its integrated.
Think of the shadow as the ocean… and our consciousness is like a bucket. We can only move so much of that ocean at a time.
And it takes a lot of work…
Perhaps a lifetime… or even many, many lifetimes.
On a more personal level, I keep a dream journal next to my bed. It is a tactic that I recommend, usually first off, to any “initiate” of the path. I’ve discovered quite a few major revelations from replaying the circumstances, symbols and participants of the dream world. At times frantically scribbling by phone light in the middle of the witching hour before I forget all the contents, and others calmly writing in detail for an hour or so in the morning. I do my best to keep this regular practice regardless of how impactful the dream feels upon waking, but sometimes it just feels irrelevant and I skip the writing entirely. Like I did this morning. After this dream that presented a conclusion to something I’d been playing out for decades. But in the groggy state of awakening, I didn’t see the need.
While exercising this morning, the magnitude of this dream hit me solid. Bricks.
Mack Truck…
Insert your own metaphor. 
But for me, I stopped everything. Just as I had done in the dream. My body was again filled with a surge of energy from all around. Like in the dream. But this time it was the loving, warm, positive energy that I feel when I know I am tapped in. Coming from another place. And it broke me down to joyful tears.
I had faced a challenge I had only flippantly imagined for so long. Never thinking it would actually happen. And if it did, never knowing when or how it would happen. Always telling myself and a few others what I would do if this mythical situation arose, and it had. The greatest ongoing personal challenge I’ve had in a life filled with self-induced tests to see what I’m made of and I passed. At least this time.
I took a moment to collect myself and went to write down the dream in detail, which led to this very post. While writing these words my eyes again filled with tears of relief and joy and my body felt a release of pressure from overcoming such a long challenge and at that very same moment, a very special song came on to remind me from somewhere in another realm, somewhere over the rainbow, that everything is as it should be.

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